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Recent Releases
Army List 1789 - May
Army List 1797 - August
Army List 1806
Army List 1814 - February
Army List 1842
Army List 1850
Army List 1854 - January
Army List 1857 - April (Hart's)
Army List 1859 - April (Hart's)
Army List 1860 - October (Hart's)
Army List 1860-61
Army List 1861 - October (Hart's)
Army List 1862 - October (Hart's)
Army List 1863
Army List 1863 - October (Hart's)
Army List 1864 - April (Hart's)
Army List 1865 - April (Hart's)
Army List 1867 - October
Army List 1868-69
Army List 1870 - April
Army List 1871
Army List 1872 - August
Army List 1873 - Annual (Hart's)
Army List 1873 - May
Army List 1875 - January
Army List 1877
Army List 1879 - June
Army List 1879 - November
Army List 1879 - October
Army List 1880 - September
Army List 1881
Army List 1881 - Annual (Hart's)
Army List 1881 - February
Army List 1885 - August
Army List 1886 - April
Army List 1886 - November
Army List 1887 - March
Army List 1892 - March
Army List 1900
Army List 1901 - January
Army List 1901 - June
Army List 1904
Army List 1905 - June
Army List 1906 - June
Army List 1908 - Annual (Hart's)
Army List 1909 - December
Army List 1910 - Annual (Hart's)
Army List 1910 - July
Army List 1912 - January
Army List 1914 - August
Army List 1914 - January
Army List 1914 - June
Army List 1914 - November
Army List 1915 - February
Army List 1915 - January
Army List 1915 - June
Army List 1916 - July
Army List 1916 - March
Army List 1916 - October
Army List 1917 - February
Army List 1917 - October
Army List 1918 - August
Army List 1920
Army List 1923 - June
Army List 1929
Army List 1932
Army List 1938
Army List 1940 - April

Records of army officers were kept as early as 1702. These lists named the officer, their regiment, and usually the date they received their current commission and when they retired.

The first official Army list was published in 1740 and since 1754 they have been published regularly as annual lists (1754-1879) and quarterly lists (1879-1922). Since 1939 they have been classified and not available to the public.

An outline of an officer's career is usually fairly easy to discover from official army lists. To see what Army Lists are available, click here.

The British Army: 1750 - 1904

Regimental Standards and Cap Badges   Military Head Dress   Celebrities of the Army
Regimental Standards and Cap Badges   Military Head Dress   Celebrities of the Army

News & Information - Items of the Day:

Celebrities of the Army - Colonel R.S.S. Baden-Powell
A short extract from 'Celebrities of the Army', a book written in the 19th Century.


Article of the Month: The Ultimate Sacrifice
We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who died fighting for our country, and November 11th is the time when we remember those who died in the Great War of 1914 to 1918, the 'War to end all wars'.


Military History - A wealth of resources to help trace a military ance
Those inspired by November's Remembrance Day events to research their military forebears have a wealth of information available to help them.


Regimental Standards and Cap Badges
Within the regimental system, soldiers and officers are posted to a tactical unit of their own regiment whenever posted to field duty.



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