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The Manless Homes of England

The War Illustrated magazine was a 'weekly picture-record of events by land, sea and air' of the First World War, from 22 August 1914 to 8 February 1919.

'The manless homes of England' article,(Volume 3, number 65, The War Illustrated, 13 November 1915) acknowledges the void left in England after numerous men went to fight in World War I.

Cicely Hamilton (right) discusses the effects of this great rediction in manpower and the changes in the lives of the women, who had to work to fill the gap in society. An example of this is given in the changes in teaching. Not only did women become teachers, but books and newspapers were written for women. These were just two of the repercussions of the war. Also mentioned was the expected rise in women who worked to earn their living and, with that, the expected increase in female influence over industry.

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